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Are Free Checking Accounts Really Free?

Many financial institutions advertise free checking, but it’s becoming more challenging to tell which are actually free and which are anything but. According to the American Bankers Association, the annual cost for a bank to maintain your checking account averages...

Tips for Smart Car Buying

Buying a car is one of the biggest financial milestones a person can achieve, second to buying a home. And, there’s a much to consider in the decision. Does it meet your long-term needs? How desirable is the gas mileage?...

Practical Tips for Saving Money in 2017

For those of us who make a New Year’s resolution, you know the struggle in seeing it through. Every year brings its own personal goals and challenges that we vow to resolve in the New Year. Whether we pledge to...

Saving on the Cost of Childcare

According to Child Care Aware’s 2016 report, it costs Virginians over $12,000 per year to send a child age 9 months and under to center-based daycare facility. For an accredited daycare or preschool program, the total bumps up to nearly...

Five Factors that Establish Your Credit Score

Remember the influence your grade point average (GPA) had in high school? If you’re finished pursuing your education, you’re probably relieved that having a number attached to your identity is in your past. But, actually, they’re not. There’s a number...


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