Transferring your accounts is easy.

Whether you're just getting ready to join the RiverTrace family or if you're already a member but you want to transfer accounts from another financial institution, the following steps will make the process easy for you.

Step One:

  • If you're not a RiverTrace member yet and you'd like to join us, you can enroll online, call us at 804.266.2767 or stop by our branch to get started. You are eligible if you live, work, worship or attend school in Chesterfield, Hanover or Henrico counties, or the city of Richmond.

Step Two:

  • If you haven't already done so, deposit enough money in your RiverTrace checking account to cover your planned transactions during the transfer stage.

Step Three:

  • If you are currently using Direct Deposit and funds are going to your old account, complete our Request to Change Direct Deposit Form and deliver it to your company's Human Resources Department.
  • If you are receiving retirement, pension or Social Security payments by Direct Deposit, make a copy of the completed form and mail it to the appropriate companies handling those funds.

Step Four:

  • If you currently have automatic payments or withdrawals from your old account (such as mortgage and loan payments, utility bills, etc.), complete our Request to Change Automatic Payment/Withdrawals Form and forward it to anyone making automatic payments or withdrawals from your old account. NOTE: Many companies will allow you to change your payment information on their websites.

Step Five:

  • Once your old checking account is completely inactive, fill out our Request to Close Account Form and send it to your old financial institution. When you have received the remaining balance from them, destroy any old checks and ATM/Debit cards.

Congratulations! You have made the move to RiverTrace FCU and can now Chart Your Path to financial success.

If you're not a member yet, let RiverTrace help you Chart Your Path. It's easy to enroll and we can take care of it for you when you open an account or apply for a loan.


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